EMPE Diagnostics

EMPE Diagnostics Clinches Top Honors

EMPE Diagnostics Clinches Top Honors as #MEA Winner of the Business Sweden CATALYST Programme 2023

The CATALYST Programme Set to Propel International Expansion and Market Domination.

EMPE Diagnostics, a pioneering player in the healthcare technology industry, has been announced as the #MEA winner of the prestigious Business Sweden CATALYST Programme 2023. This coveted award not only underscores the remarkable achievements of EMPE Diagnostics but also signals a significant milestone in their quest for global recognition.

The Business Sweden CATALYST Programme is a highly esteemed initiative designed to recognize and support promising companies in their journey to conquer international markets. The program provides invaluable resources, mentorship, and strategic guidance to help businesses accelerate their global expansion. With the #MEA region being one of the world’s most dynamic and competitive markets, EMPE Diagnostics’ win signifies a noteworthy accomplishment. The accolade serves as a testament to the remarkable strides EMPE Diagnostics has made in healthcare technology and as a harbinger of their future successes as they embrace the global stage. EMPE Diagnostics, a beacon of ingenuity and commitment, is set to leave an indelible mark on the healthcare technology landscape in the #MEA region and beyond.