EMPE Diagnostics

EMPE has appointed its first employee

We are happy to announce the employment of Mr. Jeanpierre Salas, a Biotechnical Engineer in the famous Royal Institute of Technology. Jeanpierre will work on the technical aspects of assay integration and lateral-flow cassette assembling dynamics. Welcome, Jeanpierre!

Our Infrastructure has been established!

EMPE is very happy to announce its whole-new lateral flow production and R&D facility. EMPE’s full range in customized instruments can produce about 5000 lateral flow or dipstick tests in one hour, which makes us unique in Sweden.

With immense optimism and confidence, we have agreed to perform a multi-national clinical evaluation to assess our first product, the mfloDx™ MDR-TB test. At least seven WHO-sponsored Supranational Reference Labs in Asia and Europe will validate the product. The clinical evaluation is scheduled to start in Jan, 2018.

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