EMPE Diagnostics

Our CEO’s Meeting with WHO Director-General Ignites Passion to Combat TB

“Inspirations spiked after meeting Dr. Tedros, the WHO Director General at the G20 Summit yesterday”, says our CEO, Mr. Raghavendra Goud. The encounter with Dr. Tedros has undoubtedly fuelled our passion and determination to make a meaningful impact in the fight against TB, and we remain committed to driving progress in this critical field. Notably, our flagship product, capable of detecting TB-causing bacteria and assessing antibiotic resistance gene profiles within a remarkable three-hour timeframe, represents a significant leap forward in addressing one of the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges.

Our participation at the G20 summit was nothing short of exceptional. Interesting debates on significant world problems took the stage, stimulating fresh ideas and inspiring solutions. The G20 summit has fuelled our commitment to have a positive influence on a global scale by providing a forum for meaningful involvement as well as a catalyst for the exciting prospects that lie ahead.