Pavan Asalapuram (Founder) is a pharmacist by education and trained biotechnologist, with a desire to develop novel molecular diagnostic methods. After the formal graduate education from India, Pavan moved to Sweden and worked as a researcher in top universities/research organisations like the Royal Institute of Technology-KTH, Stockholm University, Karolinska University and SciLifeLab (Swedish national hub for molecular biosciences).

From his graduation, Pavan is involved in several European Union research projects, where he has experienced the horizons of health care systems between industrialized and developing countries. Pavan has played a major role in developing diagnostic platforms, published about 20 scientific articles, and holds 2 international patents in biomedicine. Pavan has developed successful collaborations with researchers, clinicians, policy makers, and WHO national reference laboratories in the Americas, Asia (mainly India), and Europe.

Having gained experience in various health care systems, Pavan has established companies in Sweden (EMPE Diagnostics AB, ApiRays AB, Flair Kids AB) and in India, where he is working on EMPE Diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd., Mitti Innovations, and White Stone Diagnostics, developing cost-effective and reliable biomedical solutions that can be of ‘real-use to the needy’.