Pavan Asalapuram holds PhD in molecular diagnostics by training but a pharmacist by education. His degree in Hospital and Healthcare Management triggered interest to develop cost-effective but reliable diagnostics for developing countries. Pavan is interested to develop affordable diagnostics that can be used in the first contact point between the doctor and the patient, especially suitable for resource-limited clinical setups. Pavan played important roles in the development of 5 diagnostic platforms, which were established into 3 companies. He has published about 25 peer-reviewed scientific articles and holds 3 international patents in the area of biomedical and molecular diagnostics. As the project manager for an Indo-Swedish bilateral venture, Pavan has established the network consisting clinical researchers, clinicians, policy makers, market leaders to transform research-technical-business related ideas into meaningful products. Pavan successfully developed business-related collaborations with 14 countries in Europe and Asia.