Our affordable test kits are designed to operate even in resource-limited clinical laboratories, including medical camps. They require no special instruments or infrastructure, while providing clinically reliable test results for the detection of MDR-TB and XDR-TB in 60 min. The tests help the clinician or doctor to choose the appropriate antibiotic treatment from day one!

Rapid information about the drug-susceptibility pattern can assist clinicians to choose suitable treatment regimes and take appropriate infection control actions rather than prescribing empirical treatment, thereby helping to control the spread of drug resistance in the community.

We are continuously developing different diagnostic methods, including automated solutions to simplify the handling of bacterial samples even further. To begin with, we are happy to introduce our first product which we call mfloDx® MDR-TB!


The kits will initially be available for research use only, and each kit will contain:

  • 1 lateral flow cassette
  • 3 enzyme solutions
  • 1 amplification reaction mixture
  • 1 detection solution


mfloDx® MDR-TB

First-line TB test. Easy to use. Multiplexable.

 The mfloDx® MDR-TB test can robustly distinguish single-nucleotide variants of the most common mutations [rpoB 531 (TCG/TTG) and katG 315 (AGC/ACC)] causing MDR-TB, and also verify the loss of the respective wild type. This combinatorial molecular diagnostic test produces visual signals on lateral flow cassettes corresponding to the respective genotype-tags on lateral flow strips, in 70 min. By detecting only these two clinically significant wild types and mutations, the test can detect mono- or multi-resistant TB cases.


mfloDx® XDR-TB

One test. All antibiotics. Confirmatory.

Our mfloDx® XDR-TB test can be performed directly either on microscopy-positive samples, or after considering results from the mfloDx® MDR-TB test. This test can detect the presence of the TB-causative organism, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and its susceptibility or resistance to most of the antibiotics used for TB treatment (including fluoroquinolones and second-line injectable agents). The mfloDx® technology (PCT filed) is completely customizable and can be expanded to detect resistance to newer antibiotics in Phase I, II or III clinical trials and repurposed drugs. The mfloDx® XDR-TB test can produce clinically reliable information by developing visual signals on the respective genotype-tags on lateral flow strips, with a sample-to-result time of 70 min.