EMPE Diagnostics

Prof. Mats Nilsson

Co Founder & Board Member

Mats Nilsson (Co-founder & Chairman) is a Professor at Dept. of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Stockholm University and Site director, Science for Life Laboratory, Stockholm. He is a globally renowned expert in developing cutting-edge technologies for the disease surveillance and diagnosis.

He has developed the padlock and rolling circle amplification technologies and pioneered their applications in translational and cross-disciplinary research in the areas of genomics, cancer, infectious diagnostics, involving collaborations from different biomedical/technical disciplines.

Prof. Nilsson is instrumental in many European Union projects and published more than 150 scientific articles in leading journals such as Science, Nature Genetics, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Methods, PNAS, Analytical Chemistry, Nucleic Acids Research, etc. that are cited over 8000 times.

He is the designated inventor of 10 patents and co-founder of Olink AB, Q-linea AB, ParAllele Bioscience Inc., ApiRays AB, EMPE Diagnostics AB, and Cartana AB.