Sven Hoffner is a senior researcher at the Department of Public Health Sciences at the Karolinska Institute, and the former Director of the WHO Supranational TB Reference Laboratory at the Public Health Agency of Sweden (PHAS) in Stockholm. He is also an adjunct professor at San Diego State University in California, where he participates in NIH-granted research on molecular mechanisms for drug resistance in M. tuberculosis.

He has an extensive research experience in mycobacteriology focusing on different aspects of drug-resistant TB (DR-TB). His research includes development and transmission of resistant strains, development and characterisation of new improved methods for the detection of (resistant) M tuberculosis in low/middle-income countries, implementation of new molecular techniques for improved and rapid diagnosis of mycobacterial infections and resistant tuberculosis, molecular epidemiology, and drug development. He is a well know and respected researcher in his field and has supervised several Swedish and international research students.

His research is published in around 250 scientific publications. He also has a long history of working with WHO where he facilitated several workshops and contributed to guidelines and recommendations related to the control of DR-TB. He is presently a consultant at WHO-EURO where he supports laboratory strengthening of TB-laboratories in the WHO European region. Through his research and as responsible for the WHO SRL in Stockholm he developed an extensive international network and is presently the Swedish primary investigator in a major research collaboration between KI and China.